Office Pods

Private workspaces for open plan offices

If your business has employees who need to work from the office, you’ll be considering ways to facilitate social distancing measures within the workplace. Creating private workspaces within an open plan office helps employees stay focused and feel safe.

With flexible working on the rise, many employees now split their time between home and the office, meaning they no longer need a dedicated desk at work.

Office pods create semi-private workspaces where employees and visitors can concentrate, focus and work in comfort.

Kinisi Pods

Kinisi Pods offer personal workspaces within an open plan office environment. With their flexible, modular design, Kinisi Pods use space efficiently to enable social distancing at work. Acoustic panels create partitions between workers and reduce the sound of background noise, offering privacy within an open space.

Every element of your Kinisi Pod is customisable, so you can choose exactly what you need, from the fabric on the acoustic panels (including antimicrobial fabric options to limit the spread of germs), to the worktops and accessories.

Kinisi Pods come in four standard shapes. Bespoke configurations are also available, offering endless possibilities.

If you’re working from dual screens, our monitor arm solutions help you work in comfort.

Whether you’re working from triple monitors or more, we offer scalable monitor arm solutions that are suitable for working from multiple screens.

Raise the position of your laptop and protect it from damage.

Kinisi Pod accessories

Each Kinisi office pod can be customised with accessories to enhance the workspace, including:
  • Monitor arms (options for PCs, laptops, touchscreens, sit-stand etc)
  • Glass or acrylic topped panels for increased protection
  • Wireless chargers
  • Lockable storage
  • LED task lighting
  • Coat pegs
  • Additional power features
  • Toolrails
  • CPU holders

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an office pod?

An office pod creates a semi-private workspace within an open plan office, where you can focus and concentrate.

Where can I buy modular office pods?

All office pods from Adapt Ergonomics have a modular design, offering flexibility and scalability. To make an enquiry please get in touch.

Does an office pod offer acoustic benefits?

The acoustic panels used to create Adapt’s Kinisi office pods reduce the background noise in an office, helping workers to stay focused.

Can I design my own bespoke office pod?

We can help you design bespoke office pods that meet your needs and recommend complimentary ergonomic accessories to enhance your workspace.

Why are internal office pods so popular?

Office pods offer private spaces within open plan offices, where workers can focus without disruption. They also help facilitate social distancing in the workplace.

What price is an office pod?

The price of an office pod will depend on factors including your choice of configuration, material, finish and accessories. To arrange a quote please click here or call our customer service team on 01327 855833.