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Ergonomic essentials to enhance the home office

In today’s agile world, where more people work remotely than ever before, home working environments have never been more important. When employees do not have a suitable ergonomic set-up for working at home, potential risks can include musculoskeletal injuries, headaches, eye strain and loss of productivity.

If you have employees who spend time working at home, it is important to invest in suitable equipment to enhance their safety and productivity. Adapt offers ergonomic home office furniture and accessories to enhance workspaces of all sizes.  Our solutions are designed to maximise on space, efficiency and comfort.

Ergo-Boost Desk Riser

The Ergo-Boost Desk Riser is an affordable way to transform your desk or work area into a sit-stand workstation. It offers the flexibility to smoothly change your working posture throughout the day.

It offers plenty of workspace, while being compact enough to store away when not in use. This makes it a valuable ergonomic addition to any home office.

Keyboard Platform

The Keyboard Platform is a desk riser that allows you to move between sitting and standing positions while you work. This cost-effective solution allows you to work more ergonomically whilst keeping your existing desk.

SpaceArm monitor arm

With its unique gas-lift system, SpaceArm is one of the strongest, most durable monitor arms on the market. Its flexible design means that SpaceArm can be adapted to meet new demands, from adding extra monitors to supporting different screen sizes.

SpaceArm combines style with value and efficiency.

PoleArm monitor arm

The PoleArm gives you the freedom to manoeuvre your monitors to the best ergonomic position, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

The Laptop Stand allows you to work in comfort and avoid the back and neck pain associated with being hunched over a laptop all day.

It holds your laptop above your work surface, protecting it from damage and keeping the work surface clear and uncluttered. The Laptop Stand is an ergonomic solution for your laptop when you’re working from home.

Ergo-Boost Sit-Stand Desk

Turn a home workspace into a healthy and active sit-stand environment with the Ergo-Boost Sit-Stand Desk. Its a height adjustable desk, combining style and quality at an affordable price. Available in a choice of widths, there are options to suit compact work spaces or larger work environments.

Its intuitive design means it’s quick and easy to assemble and adjust.

Kinisi Freestanding

This straight freestanding height adjustable desk is available in a choice of widths and finishes to compliment any interior.

Wave l & ll LED desk lamps

Reduce energy costs and enhance performance with Wave LED task lights.

Wave is designed to prevent eyestrain and increase productivity. It does this by using a patented ‘wave’ shaped refractive filament to maximise LED efficiency and minimise glare, light pooling and shadows.

Wave lights have a much longer lifespan than other alternatives, saving money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Our Wave light range is ideal for anyone who wants to combine ergonomic benefits with style and value. It’s the perfect addition to any home office workspace.

PDCM desk power solutions

The impact of technology means that we now work across more devices than ever before.

The PDCM is a modular power outlet that provides standard or customised configurations of power sockets, ethernet ports, universal laptop charging and USB ports. You can download data and keep mobiles, laptops, tablets and other technology charged simultaneously.

Its space-saving, ergonomic design also means you can charge your devices safely and conveniently above the desk. This removes the need to bend or kneel down to plug them in.