Desk Dividers

Desk Dividers and Office Partitions

In today’s workplace, the way we use office space is ever-changing. The addition of desk dividers and partitions offers many benefits within open plan office environments:

Social distancing: Creating physical barriers between employees limits the spread of germs and helps workers feel safe
and protected.

Reduce distractions: Acoustic partitions help reduce background noise and visual distractions.

Define spaces: Create defined working zones, including breakout areas and quiet spaces.

Aesthetics: With your choice of fabric and finish (including antimicrobial options), you can choose colours and prints to enhance
your workspace.

Future-proof: Move and reconfigure your desk dividers and partitions as your needs evolve.

Desk Dividers (sneeze guards)

These desk divider screens (also known as sneeze guards) can be retrofitted to the back and sides of your own workstations or desking systems, creating barriers between employees.

We offer sneeze guards as a standalone option to add to your existing workstations or as part of our own desking solutions.

Key benefits:
  • Health and hygiene protection against infectious illnesses
  • Clear screens protect workers, while still offering the benefits of visibility
  • Retrofits to your existing desks, providing a cost-effective solution
  • Desk dividers are easy to clean, reducing germs and dust
  • Quick and simple to install and easy to remove
  • Curved edges provide a smooth, safe finish
Key features:
  • Available in transparent and frosted options
  • Available in acrylic or toughened glass
  • Secure weighted top and base mount that grips to all floor types
  • Application tool
  • Material: Acrylic or toughened glass
  • Standard widths: 1800mm, 1600mm, 1200mm, 800mm and 600mm (with option to customise)
  • Comes complete with set of 2 or 4 clamps (depending on the size of the screen) for easy fixing
  • Screen thickness: 6mm

Synergie desk with sneeze guard

Turn your sitting workspace into a healthy and active sit-stand environment with Synergie. If you’re looking for a height adjustable desk solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, at an affordable price, Synergie could be the answer.

Synergie’s intuitive design means it’s quick and easy to assemble and adjust – no screws and tools are required!

Acrylic or glass screens act as partitions between desks, helping to reduce the transmission of germs between employees.

Key benefits:
  • Intuitive assembly
  • Acrylic or glass desk screens move with the worksurface, offering protection when sitting or standing
  • Desk can easily be configured for people of different heights, offering flexibility for hot-desk environments
  • Clean design
  • 5-year guarantee for peace of mind
Key features:
  • Worktops available in White, Grey and Light Oak
  • Memory setting function for up to three users
  • Smooth movement
  • Low noise
  • Internal wiring
  • Acrylic or glass screens can be positioned at the back and sides
  • Can be customised with Adapt desk accessories
  • Widths: 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm and 1800mm
  • Worktop colours: white, grey, light oak
  • Leg colours: White, silver/grey and black as standard
  • 2 leg-frame
Desk divider screens:
  • Material: Acrylic or toughened glass
  • Standard widths: 1800mm, 1600mm, 1200mm, 800mm and 600mm (with option to customise)
  • Comes complete with set of 2 or 4 clamps (depending on the size of the screen) for easy fixing
  • Screen thickness: 6mm

Office Partitions

Office partitions are a fast, effective solution for creating more defined workspaces and protecting employees against the spread of germs. Our office partitions are made up of acoustic panels, helping employees stay focused and productive in a busy open plan office.

Partitions can be covered in your choice of material including antimicrobial fabric, helping to control odour and inhibit bacterial growth.

Glass screens at the top of the partition offer protection and visibility, whether employees are sitting or standing at their desk.

Key benefits:
  • Limits the spread of infectious illnesses
  • Workspaces are defined between employees
  • Acoustic properties improve focus and productivity
  • Glass screens add visibility above the fabric panels
  • Quick and simple to install and easy to remove
  • Panels can easily be removed from the partition frame for cleaning
  • Extruded aluminium frames are lightweight, yet strong
  • Integrated cable management offers flexibility
  • Lifetime guarantee for peace of mind
Key features:
  • Can be customised to your choice of fabric; veneered, laminated or printed
  • Antimicrobial finishes are available
  • Integrated cable management
  • Non slip feet keep partitions secure and stable
  • Glass panel top can be clear or tinted
  • Modular design means you can easily add, swap and reconfigure partition panels as your needs evolve
  • Partition trim is easy to clean
  • Partitions panels are 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1230mm wide and can be combined as needed to create your desired width
  • Height of partitions are 1270mm
  • Glass tops are available in heights of 300mm or 600mm
  • Post width: 60mm
  • Panel thickness: 60mm
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Flame retardant to class A*

Frequently Asked Questions

What are desk dividers?

Office desk dividers create a physical barrier between employees, reducing the spread of germs. They are also sometimes referred to as ‘sneeze guards.’

Do the clamps on desk dividers easily fix to a desk?

Our glass and acrylic desk dividers clamp to your worksurface and are simple to install and remove.

Where can I find freestanding desk dividers?

Adapt offers freestanding desk dividers in acrylic or glass. We offer solutions for all sizes of desks, with a worktop thickness of up to 32mm.

Can office desk dividers be moved once installed?

Yes – with our simple clamping solution, our desk dividers can be moved or repositioned in the future should the need arise, without damaging the desk.

Do you offer frosted glass desk dividers?

Yes, Adapt offers desk dividers in clear and frosted options. Our desk dividers are available in acrylic or glass.