Cable Management

Why is cable management important?

Effective cable management can reduce accidents, prevent damage and reduce maintenance times and costs.

If there is no desk cable management, wires can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with. This can result in devices accidentally becoming unplugged. 

Our cable management range will help clear and organise the chaos from desk to floor, making it easier to access and maintain wires. We stock a selection of products, available in your choice of length. 

We offer cable management solutions for all types of workstation, including height adjustable desks.  

Cable Spine

Our Cable Spine is extremely adaptable and perfect for your workspace cable management, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

This practical solution routes cables from floor to desk and keeps wires neat and tidy. 

Cable Mesh

If you’re looking for cable management for a fixed height desk, our Cable Mesh offers the perfect solution.

It conceals and organises a large amount of cabling and eliminates the unsightly appearance of under desk cabling.

Cable Basket

The Cable Basket is a wire tray that stores cables safely and tidily under the desk. It fixes to the underside of your worksurface to carry your under desk cabling to the correct location.

The Cable Basket is available in various lengths and is the ideal cable management tray for fixed height and sit-stand desks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do desk cable management

If you want to keep cables organised under your desk, you should consider the use of cable baskets and cable spines for your cable management solutions.

What is desk cable management?

Cable management is the organisation of wires and cables in the workplace. Effective cable management can reduce trip hazards, prevent cable damage and reduce maintenance times and costs.

How to cable manage a PC

We offer cable management solutions such as cable trays (also known as cable baskets) and cable spines for all types of workstations, including height adjustable desks with PC’s.

How can I improve cable management?

One way to improve your cable management, is to install a cable basket and cable spines to keep wires organised. You could also use a cable labelling system to make wires easier to identify.

How important is cable management?

Effective cable management is an important health and safety feature as it reduces accidents such as trip hazards and prevents cable damage. It also cuts maintenance times and costs.

What is cable management for a PC?

Cable management is the organisation of wires and cables from your monitor and PC that can be held in place using cable clips, cable baskets and cable spines.

How to cable manage a desk

Cable management for desks can include cable baskets for a large amount of wires and cable spines or cable mesh, which are cord covers that keep wires tidy underneath the desk.