Cable Management

Keep wires tidy

Why is cable management important?

Effective cable management can reduce accidents, prevent damage and reduce maintenance times and costs.

If there is no desk cable management, wires can easily become tangled, making them difficult to work with. This can result in devices accidentally becoming unplugged. 

Our cable management range will help clear and organise the chaos from desk to floor, making it easier to access and maintain wires. We stock a selection of products, available in your choice of length. 

We offer cable management solutions for all types of workstation, including height adjustable desks.  

Cable Spine

Our Cable Spine is extremely adaptable and perfect for your workspace cable management, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

This practical solution routes cables from floor to desk and keeps wires neat and tidy. 

Key features:
  • Flexible chain with option to add additional links
  • Carries cables in any direction
  • Secure weighted top and base mount that grips to all floor types
  • Application tool to thread cable through spine
  • Black or grey colour options
Key benefits:
  • Perfect choice for height adjustable desks
  • Eliminates appearance of unsightly cables
  • Cables securely fixed out of harm’s way
  • Quick and easy to install and thread cables
  • Top and base: Polypropylene
  • Base insert: Cast iron
  • Finish and colour: Top and base: Spark eroded, Black or Light Grey
  • Measurments: Internal cross-section area 2 x 23.5mm diameter (flexible). Height: 764mm
  • Adjustment: Removable links
  • Mounting: Screw fixed as standard
  • Cable Spine Extension available
  • Individually boxed with instructions

Cable Mesh

If you’re looking for cable management for a fixed height desk, our Cable Mesh offers the perfect solution.

It conceals and organises a large amount of cabling and eliminates the unsightly appearance of under desk cabling.

Key features:
  • Conceals and organises large amount of cabling
  • Suits all heights of standard desking
  • Internal cable segregation
  • Weighted base with grips that grips to all floor types
  • Black, grey and white colour options
Key benefits:
  • Eliminates appearance of unsightly cables
  • Ideal for organising large amounts of cabling
  • Cables are securely fixed out of harm’s way
  • Top and base: Polypropylene
  • Base insert: Cast iron
  • Cable segregation: Fabric
  • Support rings:  Aluminium
  • Measurement: Internal cross-sectional area 115×36mm. Height: 665 to 745mm
  • Finish and colour: Top and base: Polypropylene
  • Cable Riser:  Nylon fabric and mesh
  • Cable Segregation:  Black support anodised rings, clear
  • Colour Options: Black, Grey, White
  • Individually boxed with instructions

Cable Basket

The Cable Basket is a wire tray that stores cables safely and tidily under the desk. It fixes to the underside of your worksurface to carry your under desk cabling to the correct location.

The Cable Basket is available in various lengths and is the ideal cable management tray for fixed height and sit-stand desks. 

Key features:
  • Spacious basket that can carry a large capacity of cabling under the desk
  • Securely fixes under your work surface with Cable Basket Brackets
  • Various lengths are available to suit all desk measurements
  • Organises your under desk cabling to the required locations
  • Large enough to accommodate multiple monitor screens
Key benefits:
  • Creates more legroom
  • Prevents tangled and damaged cables
  • Easy to access and maintain cables