Desk Risers

Sit-Stand Desk Risers

The Keyboard Platform desk riser is the ideal solution if you want to enjoy the ergonomic benefits of a sit-stand workstation, without changing your desk. 

Ergo-Boost Desk Riser

The Ergo-Boost Desk Riser is an affordable way to transform your desk or work area into a sit-stand workstation. It offers the flexibility to smoothly change your working posture throughout the day.

It offers plenty of workspace, while being compact enough to store away when not in use. This makes it a valuable ergonomic addition to any home office.

Keyboard Platform

The Keyboard Platform is a desk riser that allows you to move between sitting and standing positions while you work. This cost-effective solution allows you to work more ergonomically whilst keeping your existing desk.


“FUJITSU relies on Adapt monitor arms, which make working in the office or at home ergonomic and efficient. This solution completes our FUTURE Workplace story and portfolio.”


“The product knowledge of the team and Lifetime Guarantee that Adapt Global Group offers, has made our buying decisions simple.

We’ve been purchasing Elevator CPU holders from Adapt since 2010 and have always been delighted with the service and quality of the products.”

Stef Brennan, Sales Director, Hunters .