Single Monitor Arms

Single Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are the most ergonomic way to ensure your screen is always at the correct height and angle for you, whether you’re sitting or standing at your desk.

Our monitor arms and mounts can easily be adapted to meet your individual needs, helping you to work comfortably and productively.


SpaceArm is the best selling monitor arm from Adapt Global Group. 

It has a unique gas-lift system that makes it one of the strongest, most durable monitor arms on the market and a sleek, ergonomic design.

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Raise, lower, tilt, turn and rotate

Touchscreens have transformed the way we use computers.

The Flyt touchscreen monitor arm has an ergonomic design that allows you to move the monitor fluidly and effortlessly with you, improving your comfort, posture and efficiency.

With its interactive design, you can extend the arm and adjust your monitor to virtually any angle. This flexibility makes Flyt the ideal solution for performing a wide range of tasks.

Flyt has an extended reach that allows the touchscreen monitor to be moved across a desk for use by the person sitting opposite. This is a valuable feature for customer facing environments.

Like all the monitor arms in the Adapt Global Group range, Flyt has a future-proof design. This means it integrates seamlessly into the full Adapt range, making it simple to add on extra monitors as your needs evolve.

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With the use of the PoleArm, you have the freedom to manoeuvre your monitors to the best ergonomic position for you, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

SpaceBeam I

SpaceBeam I offers an ideal mounting solution for keeping your desk organised and tidy whilst giving you easy access to everyday items. SpaceBeam I can be used on single workstations and also bench desking systems.

SpaceBeam II

SpaceBeam ll is the ideal tool rail for mounting accessories and equipment effectively in environments where desks are back to back.