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It is no doubt millennials have taken over the modern day workforce. As this generation aged between 18 and 35 are major participants  in the many facets of the economy, forward looking businesses get insights into how they can meet their needs both as customers and employees.

The working environment for millennials extends to more than company culture and interactions.  As a generation that grew up with a lot of gadgets, technology and flexibility, millennials expect a seamless integration of this culture into their workplace arrangements too.

Many companies are meeting these challenges head-on with the adoption of ergonomic work environments. Through Applied Ergonomics, Adapt Global Group helps those companies to optimise employee performance. Applied Ergonomics is the applying of ergonomic and human factors in the design, planning and management of technical and social systems at work or leisure. When companies remove any incompatible elements between the worker and their work, it results in maximum productivity which in turn positively impacts the company’s bottom line.

Implementing an ergonomic office environment is not a cumbersome process. Some key considerations include the following: Adjustable workstations and desks, sit-stand solutions, key-board trays, proper illumination, properly positioning your monitor among other recommendations.

Organisations that factor in ergonomic and adaptable work stations are likely not only to double-score in raising employee satisfaction for the millennials, but also to help create a happy and healthy environment for their employees including non-millennials.

According to Forbes, ”Applying ergonomics, or the study worker efficiency, to workspaces is important for workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. Many employees spend eight-hour workdays seated and staring at a screen.

Luckily, sit-stand desks are becoming a popular alternative, allowing employees to adjust desks to their desired height. Ergonomic mice and keyboards, along with monitor stands and other such desk accessories can be provided to give millennials the ergonomic benefits they’re looking for. Such ergonomic considerations improve accuracy, reduce fatigue and save time among many other benefits, keeping workers healthy and happy.”

To find out more about how to make your desk more ergonomic, please visit Adapt Ergonomics on www.adapt-global.com/en-hk/ergonomics

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