Our Story

Why we create workspaces that work

The workplace is constantly changing. We’ve come a long way since the days of big bulky computer monitors, static desks and a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the way we work. No-one truly knows how workplaces will continue to change and the impact technology will have on the way we work in the future. However, our future-proof solutions will allow you adapt to the changes that lie ahead. 

Adapt Global Group was formed in 1996, originally under the SpaceCo brand, by our current CEO, Ole Smed. He believed that workplaces should adapt and evolve with the people who work in them, not the other way around. This belief still lies firmly at the heart of everything we do. Fast forward to the present day and we now service customers worldwide from our offices across Europe, Asia and North America.   

We know that great places to work create a happier, more engaged workforce and this in turn boosts productivity and profitability. That’s why all of our brands are ultimately about creating workspaces that work!

Our promise to you

The design and development of all Adapt products and solutions are underpinned by our brand promise:

  • To provide products and solutions that adapt to your workplace needs today, tomorrow and in the future.
  • To never compromise on ergonomics.
  • To offer a first-class, global service.

Need something different?

Sometimes you might be looking for something specific that you simply cannot find on-line, such as a particular shape of desk or colour of monitor arm. 

We understand that every business has its own set of needs which is why in addition to our off-the-shelf products, we also offer customised solutions to meet your individual needs. 

No more trying to fit square pegs into round holes! 

"Recognising the need is the primary condition for design.”

Charles Eames, furniture designer.

A holistic approach

Let us help you create a workspace that works for your business.