Desk Toolrails

Desk Toolrails

Adapt’s toolrails (also known as desk rails) help you save desk space and keep your worktop free from clutter.

By keeping the items you need at your fingertips, you’ll have more time to focus on the task at hand.

Simply choose the accessories you need!  

SpaceBeam I

SpaceBeam I offers an ideal mounting solution for keeping your desk organised and tidy, whilst giving you easy access to everyday items. SpaceBeam I can be used on single workstations and also bench desking systems.

SpaceBeam II

SpaceBeam ll is the ideal tool rail for mounting accessories and equipment effectively in environments where desks are back to back.  

SpaceBeam Accessories

SpaceBeam tool rails help you work more efficiently and comfortably by letting you place everyday items such as monitor arms, lighting, pens, notebooks etc, within easy reach.