Desk Power

Desk Power

The impact of technology on the workplace means that we now work more flexibly and across more devices than ever before.

Adapt’s desk power solutions allow you to download data and keep mobiles, laptops, tablets and other technology charged simultaneously.

Their space-saving, ergonomic design also means you can charge your devices safely and conveniently above the desk, removing the need to bend or kneel down to plug them in. Our desk power outlets are the perfect additions to the modern office!


You can download information and charge devices simultaneously with this customisable solution.

The PDCM is a modular power outlet that provides you with standard or customised configurations of power sockets, ethernet ports, universal laptop adapters and USB ports. You can request any configuration to suit your power, data and communication needs.

USB Charging Hub

This portable USB Charging Hub has been designed with convenience in mind. It fits to your monitor arm and can charge three devices simultaneously. This is an ideal charging solution where space is at a premium.

The USB Charging Hub can easily be unclipped and moved between workstations, making it perfect for hot desking environments.