New Safe Sense™ Technology Creates Safer Workspaces

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Adapt Ergonomics (part of the Adapt Global Group) has launched Safe Sense. This patented technology offers protection from hazards when using a sit-stand desk. Safe Sense is unique in that it detects and prevents potential pinch hazards. It is now available on all Adapt’s freestanding and rear-panel mounted ILS sit-stand desks, helping to improve safety in the workplace.

When using a sit-stand desk, there are two issues that potentially impact on safety; collisions and pinch points. Much has been made by manufacturers stating that they offer collision protection. Unfortunately, collision protection only safeguards the furniture, not the user!

Adapt’s ILS controller features collision protection, reducing the impact of collisions caused by moving desk surfaces. However, Adapt wanted to go much further than that and protect the really important part – the person! Safe Sense is the only product in the market that prevents the risks associated with pinch points.

When a collision occurs, the desk will automatically stop, then move a little in the opposite direction. This protects the object collided with and the desk itself from excess damage.  For the Safe Sense anti-pinch feature, sensors are positioned under the worksurface in areas which are at risk of being potential pinch points when the desk moves.  The sensors detect a person’s presence and will stop the desk before it comes into contact with the person and traps their fingers etc.

Garry McKay, Managing Director of Adapt Global Group said: ‘We developed Safe Sense as part of Adapt’s ongoing commitment to creating healthier workspaces. Safe Sense technology is now an option for all Adapt’s freestanding and rear-panel desks. We’re proud that these desks are the safest height adjustable desks on the market.’