Sit-Stand Desks

Standing Desk Conversion

Sit-Stand Desk Conversion

The ILS Convert is a simple, cost-effective way to convert any static desk with panels to a sit-stand desk.

It’s a standing desk conversion that lets you keep the desk you already have and get the freedom you’ve always wanted! 

The simple removal of cantilever brackets and the addition of the Adapt Ergonomics Panel Bracket will convert any workstation to a standing desk solution.

ILS Convert

This conversion kit will allow you to adjust the height of your worksurface so you can work in comfort, whether you’re sitting or standing. 

Key features:
  • Converts any traditional sitting panel desk to a sit-stand desk 
  • Desk height has a vertical range of 609.6mm to 1270mm (24” to 50”)
  • Two and three leg ILS Convert kits available
  • Easy-to-use controller to adjust the work-surface position 
  • Transitions from sit-stand position and vice-versa 
Key benefits:
  • Quick and simple to install, causing minimal disruption
  • Converts straight and corner panel workstations 
  • Reduces waste by enhancing your existing furniture
  • Flexibility to adjust your working position to suit each task
  • Ergonomic design promotes health and well-being 
  • Available in 1219.2mm /48”, 1524mm/60”, 1828.8mm/72” and custom sizes 
  • One controller guides four linear actuators/columns 
  • Multi-parallel  up to 12 legs in parallel 609.6mm – 1270mm / 24” – 50” of range of adjustment 
  • Full adjustment in less than 15 seconds
  • 79.39kg / 175lbs weight limit per leg 
  • Soft start and stop function
  • Speed up to 1.69”/s (43mm/s) uploaded
  • Thrust up to 800N (per leg) 180lbs /81.65kg force 
    18.25”/463.55mm worksurface support bracket
  • ANSI-BIMFA rated 34.01kg/75lbs at 457.2mm/18” extension 
  • Colour: Black and Platinum. Champagne and White colours available quantity dependant
  • Steel components with black powder coat
  • Recycled content-25%
  • Recyclable-100%
  • Cardboard Packaging:
  • Recycled content-75%
  • Recyclable after use-100%
  • Plastic Packaging: Low density polyethylene
  • Recycled content-30%
  • Recyclable after use-100%