Improve wellbeing. Enhance performance.

Specialists in Workplace Ergonomics

Improve wellbeing. Enhance performance.

Specialists in Workplace Ergonomics

Why is ergonomics so important in the workplace?

Every year, millions of workdays are lost worldwide due to workplace injuries and illnesses. Incorporating ergonomics into your workplace will help your business overcome these issues and reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and increase productivity.  

In a world where ever-changing technology drives new ways of working, ergonomics in the workplace has never been more important.  

Ergo Squad will help reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

How can Ergo Squad help?

Ergo Squad specialises in ergonomic consultancy. Our team of highly qualified workplace consultants identify areas of risk and discomfort and offer solutions to improve the health and safety of your employees.

We use various assessment tools (including our very own Comfort Zone™ software) to help optimise your workplace and improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.


Useful Tools

Workspace Ergonomic Checklist

What height should your worksurface be? How should you position your monitor? What else do you need to think about? Download our handy checklist to make sure you consider the basics when creating your workspace. 

Ergonomic Calculator

Try our ergonomic calculator to discover how much money your business could save through embedding an ergonomics programme. 

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