Smart Solutions for Home Working

Enhance home working with Ergo-Boost

Ergo-Boost is Adapt’s curated collection of essential ergonomic home office products. Every item has been handpicked and tested to ensure it meets Adapt’s demanding ergonomic standards. Ergo-Boost products improve the home working environments of your employees and help them reach their potential.

Ergo-Boost Desk Riser

The Ergo-Boost Desk Riser is an affordable way to transform your desk or work area into a sit-stand workstation. It offers the flexibility to smoothly change your working posture throughout the day.

It offers plenty of workspace, while being compact enough to store away when not in use. This makes it a valuable ergonomic addition to any home office.

Ergo-Boost Sit-Stand Desk

Turn your workspace into a healthy and active sit-stand environment. If you’re looking for a height adjustable desk solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, at an affordable price, Ergo-Boost Sit-Stand Desk could be the answer.

The intuitive design means it’s quick and easy to assemble and adjust– no screws or tools are required!

Ergo-Boost Touchscreen Monitor Stand

The Ergo-Boost Touchscreen Monitor Stand is a perfect ergonomic solution for anyone using a touchscreen monitor. You can tilt and rotate the screen to customised positions to suit different tasks, including drawing, illustrating and reading.

Ergo-Boost Dual Monitor Stand

Transform your workspace effectively with this simple, no-fuss, dual monitor stand. The dual monitor stand lets you align and angle your monitors with precision, so you can achieve the full ergonomic benefits of working with two monitors.

Ergo-Boost Tablet Mount

The Ergo-Boost Tablet Mount can be used in a wide range of environments, from home office, to retail, food service and hospitality environments. It is designed to be mounted to a monitor arm, offering a flexible, ergonomic set-up that can accommodate different users.

Ergo-Boost Foot Rocker

The Ergo-Boost Foot Rocker allows for low impact movement by rocking your feet, providing additional lower leg mobility while sitting. When not being used as a foot rocker, it can help reduce fatigue by being adapted to an elevated ergonomic footrest.