Monitor Arms

A better way to work

Why use a monitor arm?

With their innovative, scalable design, our ergonomic monitor arms give you the flexibility to meet business demands.

Monitor arms are the most ergonomic way to ensure your screen is always at the correct height and angle for you, whether you’re sitting or standing at your desk. Our monitor arms and mounts can easily be adapted to meet your individual needs, helping you to work comfortably and productively.

Adapt Ergonomics offers solutions and mounting options that put you in control of how you position your monitors, whether you’re working from PCs, laptops or touchscreens.

Key benefits

Scalable: Designed to adapt to your ever-changing workplace needs, offering value and efficiency.

Customizable:  Alongside our classic colors we offer options to customize the color of your monitor arm.

Adjustable: Simple to adjust to any height, whether you’re sitting or standing.

Flexible: Our wide range of clamps cater for virtually any kind of monitor to be fixed to any type of desk.

Easy to maintain: Inbuilt cable management keeps wires tidy and easy to access.

Durable: Made from the highest quality materials. 

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee* on all Adapt Ergonomics monitor arms, for your peace of mind.

*Terms and conditions apply

Our Range

Whatever your requirements and budget, we have a monitor arm to suit your needs..

If you’re working from dual screens, our monitor arm solutions help you work in comfort.

Whether you’re working from triple monitors or more, we offer scalable monitor arm solutions that are suitable for working from multiple screens.

Raise the position of your laptop and protect it from damage.


“FUJITSU relies on Adapt monitor arms, which make working in the office or at home ergonomic and efficient. This solution completes our FUTURE Workplace story and portfolio.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a monitor arm mount?

Monitor arm mounts hold single or multiple monitors in place. They can be adjusted to the best ergonomic position for any individual, helping to improve posture and reduce eyestrain.

How do I attach a monitor to a monitor arm?

Most monitors have a VESA plate attachment, which attaches to a monitor arm. The monitor arm can then be mounted to a variety of surfaces using wall mounts and other clamp or bolt-through options.

How can I tell if a monitor arm can hold my monitor?

You’ll need to know the weight of your monitor and whether it can be attached to a VESA mount. A monitor arm with a gas-lift system, such as the SpaceArm, can support monitors from 2lb to 30lb.

Which monitor arm has the highest reach?

Adapt Global’s sit-stand SpaceArm monitor arms have the highest reach in the range. They extend up to 22 inches vertically and up to 19 inches horizontally.

How can I remove a monitor from a monitor arm?

This depends on how it’s mounted. For quick-change VESA mounts, it’s a simple pinch-release to lift the monitor. Direct mounts will need to be unscrewed at the back and this should be carried out by a professional. Call our customer service team for assistance.

How can I improve the stability of my monitor arm?

Choose a monitor arm that uses a gas lift (and not a mechanical lift) system and is suitable for your monitor weight. This will let you move your monitor with accurate precision and prevents sagging, freeing up desk space.

Where can I buy a monitor arm?

If you’re looking to buy monitor arms, we’ll listen to your requirements and recommend the best solution to meet your needs. To get in touch, please email us or complete the enquiry form .

I want to lay a monitor as flat as possible for drawing – is there a monitor arm that can help?

Adapt Global’s Flyt monitor arm has been designed especially for touchscreen monitors. Flyt’s interactive design lets you adjust your monitor to any angle (including flat), making it suitable for drawing, even whilst standing and a wide range of other tasks.

How does a monitor arm prevent my monitor wobbling?

Choose a monitor arm that can be mounted securely to the work surface and uses a gas-lift system to support the monitor weight. This will ensure your monitor remains sturdy and in position.

How do I mount a dual monitor arm on a desk?

If you’re using dual monitors you can purchase a double monitor arm which attaches to a double hub. This helps you save more space than a traditional monitor stand option.