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Are you loving the lockdown lifestyle or is being home-based slowly driving you mad? If you’re exhibiting any of the following signs, you’ll more than ready to return to the office as soon as you can!

1. You don’t know what day of the week it is any more

Days of the week have all rolled into one. Was your meeting on Thursday or Wednesday? Does it actually matter? You only know it’s the weekend because you don’t have to set the alarm and there’s no pressure of home schooling!


2. You’ve stopped making an effort

The days of making an effort for work have long been forgotten. If you remembered to clean your teeth and brush your hair you’re doing well. Extra points if you changed out of your pyjamas! Every day you’re grateful that you have the option to leave the camera off during video meetings!


3. The kids are driving you mad

You’ve played every board game a thousand times and exhausted your list of things to do. You tried home schooling but it was impossible to manage. Now you’re spending every day feeling guilty that your kids are spending too much time on their devices.


4. Your clothes are getting a bit too snug

Working from the kitchen? Looking for a distraction? The fridge has become your new best friend and your waistline is expanding rapidly…or perhaps your clothes just shrank in the wash? 😉. Elasticated trousers are the new skinny jeans!


5. Your approach to alcohol has become much more ‘relaxed’ than it used to be

You only used to drink at weekends but now you’ll drink on any day that ends in a ‘y’. After all, it’s become one of your few pleasures in life and you’ve had such a hard day, you deserve it!


6. You actually miss people you never thought you’d miss

Barbara from Accounts and James from IT always used to annoy you…but now you find yourself missing them a little bit. Maybe they weren’t so bad after all?!


7. Your desk and dining table have become one and the same

You started off with the best of intentions but over the weeks your workspace has gradually worked its way across the entire kitchen table and your family is now confined to eating in the corner every evening. You’re missing the luxury of a proper desk.


8. You find yourself calling IT support just to hear the voice of someone outside your home

Whether you live on your own or with family or friends, there are times you crave conversation with someone outside of your own house. If you find yourself ringing colleagues for random reasons, it could be a sign that you’re missing office life.


9. Your housework has gone through the roof

Housework was always a chore but with everyone stuck under one roof 24/7, the housework has increased exponentially! Only now do you realise how good you had it before…


10. You’ve turned into an expert gardener

With all this extra time at home, your garden has never looked better and you’ve turned into something of a gardening expert.

11. Your house has never been so uncluttered

You’ve cleaned out the cupboards, rearranged the wardrobes and finished all those jobs you never got around to completing. Your house now looks like a show home!


12. Your hair looks horrendous!

You never appreciated the important role your hairdresser or barber played in your life until now. Whether you’re rocking a DIY lockdown haircut or you’ve had to go ‘au naturel’ in the absence of hair dye, you can’t wait to see a professional to make your hair look presentable once again.


13. You’re treating everyone you see with suspicion

Did that delivery driver get a bit too close? Was that dogwalker less than 2m away when they passed you? Your trusty antibacterial hand gel and spray are never far away.


14. You’ve become an authority on Netflix

You’ve exhausted all the latest series on Netflix, from Ozark to Tiger King and everything in between. You’ve also rediscovered some of your old favourite series from your younger days. Now you’re running out of options…


15. You find yourself ordering random things online

In the absence of having anywhere to go, buying new clothes and makeup has lost its appeal. Holidays and meals out are all on hold, so you’re finding yourself ordering random stuff for the sake of it, just because it can be delivered on Amazon Prime!


Ready to go back to work? We’re ready whenever you are.

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