Fujitsu is using Flyt for their Clean Desk concept

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Touchscreens have transformed the way we use computers. The Flyt touchscreen monitor arm is ergonomically designed to let you move the monitor fluidly and effortlessly, improving your posture and efficiency.

A spokesperson from Fujitsu explains why they chose Flyt for their Clean Desk concepts.

‘Fujitsu has incorporated Adapt’s new Flyt touchscreen monitor arm into their new Clean Desk concept, creating a complete ergonomic solution. 

Flyt lets you move and rotate the screen to a comfortable working position, whether you need to move the screen to a close angle for reading, or you’re collaborating with colleagues. It helps you stay focused and reduces the risk of eye strain.’

Flyt’s future-proof design means it can support even the lightest of monitors, offering a future-proof solution as technology evolves.

If you’d like to learn about the Flyt monitor arm you can find further details here.

Or watch this video from Fujitsu that explains more about their new Clean Desk concept.