Our Services

Ergonomic Consultancy and Training

How can Ergo Squad help your employees reach their potential?

Through our specialist network, our consultants will help you identify, measure and improve the workplace factors that could be preventing your business reaching its potential. We offer the following services: 

Workplace Assessment

Ensure employees are working to their full potential with the right ergonomic equipment.

Air Measurement

Reduce absences by ensuring employees are breathing healthy air at work. 

Light Measurement

Ensure your office is well-lit and free from sun glare to prevent headaches and eye-strain. 

Acoustic Measurement

Enrich productivity by reducing noise and echo in your office. 


Health Management

Receive support to maintain the physical, mental and social wellbeing of your employees. 

Risk Analysis

Identify workplace hazards and discover which employees are most at risk – and how to minimise these risks.

Training Workshops

Educate your workforce with tailored half day and full day ergonomic workshops on the topic of your choice. 

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