Raised access flooring

A cost-effective, easy to install, flexible flooring solution
Raised access flooring

A cost-effective, easy to install, flexible flooring solution

What is raised access flooring?

In today’s modern work environment, we rely on technology to help us accomplish almost every task. The result of this is extensive cabling that must be contained within the infrastructure of our buildings. This cabling needs to be easy to access and update to accommodate ongoing technological advances. 

Raised access flooring creates an elevated structural floor with removable floor tiles. The system allows cables and wires to be easily accessed beneath the floor covering. This makes workspace refurbishment or reorganisation much simpler and less disruptive than with other cable management systems or traditional raised access flooring. This is now standard in many commercial buildings. 

Watch the video to discover the benefits of LPC+ height adjustable flooring.

Low profile raised access flooring

Achieve greater flexibility with Adapt Architectural’s LPC+ height adjustable flooring solution 


Adapt Architectural’s LPC+ Flooring is a low profile raised access flooring that is 75% faster to install than traditional methods, saving you valuable time and money.

LPC+ low profile raised access flooring follows the natural contours of the floor with the added benefit of built in height adjustment when you need it.

This makes it an ideal solution for levelling out the flooring in buildings where floors are an uneven height, including renovation projects, as well as new buildings.

LPC+ Benefits

Save time and money

Up to 75% faster than traditional installation methods, saving valuable installation time and money. A team of four installers can install 2700ft² (250m²) per day, reducing the time needed until the building can be occupied.

No fuss  

There’s no invasive coring or trenching, no mess and minimal effort required for ongoing maintenance. Once installed, you can easily make changes to the cable system or wiring of a specific section of the floor, without disturbing the entire area.  

Safe and sturdy  

Our floor covering tiles have been rigorously tested and meet stringent safety standards. Made from magnesium oxide, they are strong, fire retardant and can be cut without specialist equipment.  

Simple to install  

The floor is simple to install and doesn’t require specialist training or knowledge, unlike traditional standard access flooring methods. 

No glue!

LPC+ isn’t glued or attached which means that removing it does not damage concrete slabs. 

Creates more space  

LPC+ flooring provides all the space you need to accommodate wires, cables and anything else you might need.  


LPC+ is lighter than traditional solutions. This means it is easier to carry and transport costs are reduced. 

Built in height-adjustment 

LPC+ is height adjustable, which means it follows the natural contours of your floor whilst offering the flexibility to adjust the height when you need it. 

Reusable and reconfigurable  

You own the floor. You can reconfigure it if your office layout changes or take the flooring with you if you move to a new building in the future.  

Environmentally friendly  

LPC+ flooring is made from polypropylene, steel and aluminium, all of which are 100% recyclable. The MgO floor covering board is made from all-natural materials. 


Adapt Architectural offers a range of accessories and electrical packages to complete your raised floor installation. From perimeter blocking to electrical sockets, cables and distribution, we supply everything required to make your project a success. 

Electrical Packages 

Adapt Architectural can provide the following electrical sockets, cables and distribution to complete your flooring solution if you do not wish to use your own:

Power socket outlet

Power sockets can be placed where needed and easily moved in the future. They are waterproof and dust proof, reducing the risk of damage. 

Recoupling cables

Place power wherever you need it. We’ll supply the connectors for attachment to your cables. 

Perimeter Blocking  

Perimeter blocking can be placed around the edge of the floor to strengthen it, prevent movement and keep the flooring in place.

It also helps to exclude draft and creates an aesthetically pleasing finish with the carpet.  

Installation videos