BTW™ Acoustic Wall Cladding

Achieve the look of real wood with greater benefits
BTW™ Acoustic Wall Cladding

Achieve the look of real wood with greater benefits

BTW Wall Cladding

Wooden walls create warmth and ambience in any space, from retail outlets to recreational facilities. However, budget constraints and complex installations often make this impractical. 

Adapt Architectural has developed BTW Wall Cladding…named BTW because it’s Better Than Wood! BTW Wall Cladding is a faux wood wall panelling that is lightweight, durable, easy to install and has acoustic properties.  

BTW benefits

Why is the BTW Wall Cladding better than wood?

Easy to install

The planks can easily be installed and repositioned without mess or damage, using our T-Bar Snap Clip and rail system.

Simple to customise

The planks can be cut on-site, so you can integrate lights, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sprinklers etc. with ease.

Acoustic benefits

The unique, micro-perforated finish offers a superior acoustic performance.

Superior safety

The planks are made from PET fibreboard which is highly fire retardant. 

Increased stability

It’s lightweight and long-lasting. Unlike wooden alternatives, the planks don’t shrink and expand with heat and moisture, offering more stability.

Environmentally friendly

BTW is mostly made from minimum 50% recycled material and can be reused again in the future.

Greater choice

Choose from six standard colour finishes with the option to customise to your environment.

More affordable

Save money on material and installation costs, compared with traditional wooden alternatives.


BTW panels come with a 10-year guarantee. 

Finish options

Barn Wood
Code: BTW501
Code: BTW502
Gum Wood
Code: BTW503
Code: BTW504
Blonde Ash
Code: BTW505
Code: BTW506

BTW wall cladding accessories

The T-bar clips fit to the side of the plank where there is a slit (which is a created on both sides of the plank during the manufacturing process).

They snap onto the T-Bar grid or the hanging channel and support the weight of the plank.

These are flat pieces of steel which fit between the planks to hold them together and keep them aligned and in place.

If the installation is happening in a location where there is no T-Bar grid then the hanging channel can be used. The hanging channel has the same dimensions as the T-Bar so the clip can be used to support the weight of the wall planks.

Create a rounded edge to your wall with a cornice finish.

How much BTW do you need?

Please enter the area of the room to calculate how many boxes of BTW ceiling or wall planks you need to order.

To arrange a quote, please get in touch.

BTW technical information