Is Your Office Design Making You Less Productive?

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Is your office design making you less productive

A well-designed workspace can significantly improve productivity.

At Adapt, we recommend asking yourself the following questions when designing your office:

Do employees have the opportunity to change position while they work? 

More employers are now investing in sit-stand desks, helping workers remain physically active throughout the day – improving their focus, health and productivity.

Are workers exposed to background noise and visual distractions?

Working in an open office can leave us vulnerable to visual and noise distractions.  By incorporating panels (partitions) into your office design, the impact on employees is minimised.

Does the lighting allow staff to perform their tasks without causing damage to their eyes?

Choosing the right office lighting significantly contributes to increased levels of productivity, wellbeing and a safer workplace.

Are there areas where staff can collaborate and share ideas?

Collaborative spaces should also be incorporated into office design. These are areas where colleagues can meet and share ideas away from their desks.

Will the design meet our needs in the future?

Companies need to adapt to the changes and new ways of working brought about by evolving technology. The increase in agile working means that often employees may work from a number of locations, creating the need for hot desks that can be adapted for multiple users.

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