Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-Stand Panel Desks

Sit-Stand Panel Desks

Sit-stand panel desks are designed to work in many setups, from spacious corner-desks to compact 120° honeycomb formations.

They are designed to maximise space whilst boosting workplace productivity.

If you’re choosing a new desking solution for your business then space availability, future planning and interior design are all likely to be key considerations.

You can view our Kinisi range of sit-stand panel desks below. All workstations can be customised by colour, finish and width – the possibilities are endless.

All of our Kinisi sit-stand panel desks are ideally suited to open plan offices.

120 Degree

These Kinisi Honeycomb 120 degree workstations are compact in design, while still offering protection against office distractions.

This makes them a popular choice for busy environments such as call centres and offices where space is at a premium.


The Kinisi Corner Sit-Stand Panel Desk is a spacious, sit-stand workstation, offering high levels of visual privacy.

The L shape of the desk allows workers to position potential distractions such as mobile phones outside their field of vision, helping to further improve their focus and concentration levels.

Workers also have the option to divide their desk into working zones between computer based, paper-based and telephone activities.


This best-selling ergonomic Kinisi sit-stand panel desk is ideal for a wide range of office environments and creating different working zones, including hot desk areas.

It is available in a choice of standard widths and can also be customised to meet your individual requirements.