CPU Holders

Under Desk CPU Holders

Under Desk CPU Holders

Our CPU Holders lift your PC from the floor and protect them, reducing the risk of damage, static and dust build-up.

They keep your desktop clear and hold wires in position, whether you are sitting or standing at your desk.

Our CPU Holders have an ergonomic design. They offer easy access to your computer, minimising the risk of injuries and saving you time. They can be fixed underneath your work surface using your choice of mounting option.


The Elevator CPU holder holds your PC safely under your desk, using a breathable mesh fabric sling to prevent overheating. It is available with standard and customised mounting options.


The Optima CPU holder is available with an optional locking kit for added security. It is available with standard and customised mounting options.

CPU Holder Tracks

The Elevator, Linear, Shuttle and Optima come with a choice of two tracks:

Single Track

The Single Track system allows the CPU holder to move backwards and forwards under your desk as needed. This creates easy access for maintaining your computer etc. 

The Single Track is fitted with:

  • Track ends to stop the CPU holder falling from the track

  • Adjustable track stops to prevent the CPU holder from clashing with cable management etc.

  • Mounting brackets (bespoke brackets are available)


Telescopic Track

The Telescopic Track has all the same benefits as the standard track, plus it also allows the PC to be extended out from under your desk, creating even easier access to your PC.