CPU Holders

Protect your PC

Why use a CPU holder?

CPU holders lift your PC from the floor, protecting it from damage, static and dust build-up. This saves valuable desk space and extends the life of your computer.

The ergonomic design of our CPU holders allows you to access the front and rear of the PC with ease. This reduces the risk of injury and saves valuable time.

Adapt offers a selection of compact and unobtrusive CPU holders capable of holding up to 20kg, with a range of mounting and bracket options.

Key benefits:

Extends the life of your computer

Ergonomic design means you can easily access to your PC

Compact and unobtrusive, maximising floor space

Mounting options to suit your requirements

Strong, stable and secure design keeps your PC protected

Our Range


“The product knowledge of the team and Lifetime Guarantee that Adapt Global Group offers, has made our buying decisions simple. We’ve been purchasing Elevator CPU holders from Adapt since 2010 and have always been delighted with the service and quality of the products.”


“Very prompt at responding. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CPU holder?

A CPU holder, sometimes known as a PC mount, lifts your PC from the floor protecting it from damage, static and dust build-up which extends your computer’s life. It can be used with both height adjustable or static desks.

What does CPU stand for?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It’s the most important component of any PC, smartphone or tablet. The CPU sends basic instructions to other areas of your device and ensures that the whole system runs smoothly.